With you every step of the way

The pillars of Onmi


Onmi (it breathes) is a multicultural and multidisciplinary design firm. We design products, systems and services that focus on building and maintaining health and wellbeing. Our mission is to facilitate solutions that are seamlessly integrated into people’s lives: they become as unconscious, autonomous and reparative as breath – Onmi.

Onmi Design

Designing and consulting on products that integrate into a change eco-system

Onmi Analytics

Data driven designs using user-centred-analytics for behaviour change

What we can offer you

From concept to implementation

Onmi offers a complete industrial design service – from concept to implementation. We can manage the entire product design process or provide assistance in one or more areas. At Onmi we take a user-centred and experiential approach to develop products, services and systems.


We can boost your business by coming up with new ideas through user-centred design methods.


We perform specialised user-studies that help us identify critical design insights for our products

Product Design

We develop interactive products with a strong emphasis on the user experience.


Creativity through brainstorms, data driven design and insights generated by research

Data Analytics

Intelligent products generate data, we create algorithms that help us understand the user's behaviour


We build experiential prototypes using 3D printing and integrated electronics for constant iterative evaluation studies

Systems for
Behaviour Change

We think of the bigger picture and integrate new and existing products with behaviour change strategies.


We validate and improve work with expert colleagues and the user through specialised studies.

Ongoing Projects

Our Partners and Friends

Onmi has a global network of partners who share a vision to revolutionise the healthcare industry through building holistic systems that can be delivered and accessed around the world. Together we can create and innovate healthcare solutions that have meaningful outcomes for people everywhere.