With you every step of the way


Onmi (it breathes) is a multicultural and multidisciplinary design firm. We focus on building and maintaining health and wellbeing. Our mission is to facilitate solutions that are seamlessly integrated into people’s lives: they become as unconscious, autonomous and reparative as breath – Onmi.

Changing Behaviour

We design services that help you change habits, using the Do Something Different approach.

Data Analytics

We develop data management and analytics services to personalise our interventions.

Behaviour change platform

We have created an innovative platform that allows us to collect personal data to gain unique behavioural insights. The system is able to send out personalised actionable nudges, using Do Something Different technology, based on contextual information obtained from wearable sensors.


We collect and securely store personal data from popular wearables and services

Custom devices and private services can easily be added to our system


When authorised we can send personal data wherever and however you need

Data is distributed according to privacy settings in a custom format as requested by you.


We apply our own unique behavioural analytical models to interpret your lifestyle

You can explore the analytical models visually in our system


We create actionable prompts in near real time to help you change behaviour

Our Flex service can be integrated with your existing solutions.

Our work

Our Partners and Friends

Onmi has a global network of partners who share a desire to innovate the healthcare industry. Together we can create and innovate healthcare solutions that have meaningful outcomes for people everywhere.