Cooking with your kids

Finding time to cook our own meals is important. A healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. It is also important to make it into a fun experience, for example by cooking with your friends and family, or with your kids.


Uncle Ben’s

Uncle Ben’s (an American brand rice owned by Mars) knows how important this is, and they launched the campaign “Cook with your kids”. On their website, a special section has been created with some interactive recipes that parents and kids can replicate together. While cooking, kids can learn more than just meal preparing: they learn measurements, maths and time, they become more creative and can enlarge their vocabulary when reading the recipe books.

Uncle Ben’s also launched the “Cook with your kids day”, established on September 23th, together with the hashtag #BenBeginners that families use to share pictures and videos of them cooking and having fun together. Among the families who are sharing, several winners are chosen who get school cafeteria makeovers and prize money for the family.


Part of the process

Making kids part of the cooking process is not just a way to spend time together but also makes them adopt good habits since the childhood. It’s also one of the easiest way to make them eat healthier food: because they had an active role in preparing it they will be more likely to eat and appreciate it. Cooking with children is fun for them and their parents, and as young chef Sydney C. stated:


“Everything tastes better when you cook it with people you love”.



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