A smart spatula that helps you adopt healthy cooking habits.

The device contains sensors that identify cooking gestures and analyse your food quality based on salt content. A supporting smartphone application visualises the cooking data, captures meal pictures, and provides recipes. Algorithms interpret your cooking data in order to provide personalised Do’s (or micro behavioural alternatives). COOKiT encourages you to cook and enjoy a healthy meal from scratch, using fresh ingredients, together with the people you love.

smart cooking spoon CookIT, part of the DoCHANGE ecosystem with several designs for behavior modification with heartpatients. Design by Sander van Berlo, Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven

Our Flex program helps you break unhealthy habits and encourages you to try new behaviours. The program uses data to become responsive to your daily routines and social context. The smart spatula learns about your cooking behaviours and feeds this into the ToDo program. This makes the program fit to your household’s cooking activities and provide Do’s that match your needs.

COOKiT is originally designed for cardiovascular patients but cooking healthy meals from scratch is beneficial for everyone. Whether you want to lose weight, expand your palate, or rediscover the pleasure of cooking.

Vire old COOKiT
With COOKiT you will:

  • break unhealthy dietary habits
  • get more reward out of cooking
  • get insight into the saltiness of food
  • receive recipe suggestions
  • share and enjoy meals with loved ones

This first working prototype was developed in the Do CHANGE project.

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