Do ACTIVEDutch elderly


Aging populations around the world require innovative approaches to ensure people can be healthy, independent and enjoy a good quality of life. There is a need to move from a health and social agenda that emphasises dependency in old age to one that promotes active and independent aging at home. Impaired cognitive abilities are one of the primary challenges to healthy aging. Many healthy older adults experience benign forgetfulness, but up to 20% of the population over 65 years of age have some level of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

The objective in Do ACTIVE is to use the potential of the proven Do Something Different methodology in combination with existing sensors to enhance active and healthy aging amongst people with MCI.


Onmi’s role

In Do ACTIVE we will further develop our Flex program. We will design a new smartphone application that collects your data, visualises the variable scores, and sends Do’s when appropriate. A new Do program for people with MCI will be developed in collaboration with Do Something Different and tanteLouise. This will be done through co-creation sessions with end users and clinicians. Finally, we will explore the localisation of our Data Driven Do’s to increase place attachment.

Together with tanteLouise we will evaluate the impact of the new program with 350 people with MCI and their partners.


The project started in July 2018 and will last 2 years. It is funded by Ons Brabantse Wal.