Don’t watch it, Do it!

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Early 2000s television gifted us with reality shows, and we now know how terrible that was. Then the 2010s came, bringing along a new, evolved form of reality shows: COMPETITIVE COOKING SHOWS! Some fresh air in the stagnant TV panorama. I myself was immediately captured by the spectacular, funny, heartwarming moments they offer, and caught by the charisma of the hosts, those charming superstars of cooking. It was great, just sitting on the couch, watching while they make it look so easy for them and so impossible and distant to us. But is it really like that? My answer to this is a sharp no. There is evidence of controlled use of fire for cooking by Homo erectus, meaning that we had 300.000 years to develop our cooking abilities, almost as a primal instinct. So how is it that in a handful of years we have been led to doubt about our ability to cook food for ourselves, deify chefs and even call cooking an art?
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Then there is corporate food advertising: not that it had ever looked moderate to me, but on cooking shows advertising immediately struck me as cheeky. Once, during commercials, you could just go to the bathroom, or switch to something else, but while watching cooking shows product placement is just impossible to avoid. Disclaimers didn’t help me feel more comfortable about this.
The feeling of yet another delusive entertaining experience eventually pushed me away from it, and reminded me that the only cook I will ever worship is my granny…

What I can positively share about cooking TV shows is an advice: get off the couch, drop that box of pre-cooked noodles, and go to the kitchen. Don’t watch it, do it!


10-05-2016 Simone

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