Life stuck in habits

Life is constantly changing, so in order to thrive we need to be adaptable. However, many of us are stuck in habits that prevent us from realising our full potential. Things we can change about our lifestyle contribute to poor health, and yet we don’t do much to change them. Common problems people have are: anxiety, social isolation, depression, poor diet, physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol consumption. Therefore we need a guide, a push in the right direction: something that helps us change for the better and to live the life we want to.

Our solution

Onmi created the Flex programme in collaboration with Do Something Different Ltd. Flex is an online behaviour change service. The programme enables you to reach your full potential and achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Do instead of think

Flex sends out personalised Do’s – or micro behaviours – designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new behaviours. By learning new behaviours – we call it becoming more behaviourally flexible – you have more choice over how you react to different situations. This leaves you less stressed, more effective and open to new experiences.

The Do Something Different approach is developed through many years of academic research. Unlike most other change courses and self help books, the Do’s don’t try to cram your head full of information. We don’t want you to think. We want you to Do.

Each programme is personalised and consists of different types of Do’s: Core Do’s and Data Driven Do’s. The Do’s are delivered by message and push notification in our smartphone application Vire.

  • Core Do’s address your personality and the factors that often prevent healthy changes.
  • Data Driven Do’s address your everyday context that traps you in habitual behaviour.

Vire app

The Flex programme is accessed through Vire app. Vire will support you in taking responsibility for your health and in making the lifestyle changes you desire.

Vire gives you insight in your existing habits in three key areas. The bubbles on the home screen represent your score: the bigger the better. You can also see your scores over the past 14 days.

Key factors

  • Variety: becoming flexible is necessary if you want to change habits, create diversity in daily life and be explorative
  • Activity: physical activity is important for your health, so be active and reduce the amount of time you sit still
  • Social Opportunity: socialising is important for your wellbeing, get out to meet new people and to strengthen existing relationships

Why Flex?

With the Flex programme you:

  • break free from unwanted habits
  • expand your world
  • feel good about yourself
  • connect with people around you
  • are confident to experience new things
  • create variety and excitement in daily life
  • appreciate the environment you live in