Food Waste: a Wake-Up Call

Food is the most important product we yield, by far. The food habits that we developed in the last century have influenced our way of producing food – and vice versa – leading to what is now one of the least sustainable industries of our economy. This video, published by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), gives us a sadly accurate overview of the consequences of food wastage. Astonishing numbers regarding land use, water consumption, polluting emissions – and yet unfed people – associated to food that is produced and then just thrown away, are provided along with some simple advices, intended for governments, companies, retailers and final users, which the video efficiently sums up with four concepts:

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Minimise Landfill

Simple notions we already know, but that somehow we are still ignoring, or being too lazy to apply. Without meaning to relieve any responsibility from companies’ and governments’ backs with this, individual awareness has been the key factor to any changes in human history, hence it is what we, as a species, need to gain back on this subject: each one of us counts, and each one of us can give a contribution, with small expedients, that not only don’t take as much effort as they may seem to, but that can also save us some money, if we really want to think small. Leaving the rest up to the video to explain, we could just focus for a moment on how helpful it would be to just buy less, to just get not more than what we need, to just cook not more than we can eat… And should eat!


Simone, 18-05-2016

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