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Nowadays everyone struggles to find time to prepare their own food. Sometimes we get so caught up in busy lives that when it comes of cooking we just feel too tired or lazy. At the same time the “eating clean” trend is becoming more and more popular especially among young generations. So, how can we eat clean without having time to cook?

Everdine, a Startup company founded in 2016 and based in London, has found a solution by delivering healthy meals. The customers can select a 6, 8, or 12 wholesome meals plan from their website (vegetarian options are also available) and chefs who trained in Michelin-starred restaurants cook them. Meals are frozen right after the preparation to preserve the goodness and delivered to the final customers for free. Once the pack, made with recyclable materials, reaches the destination the customers just have to heat the meals up. The company claims to use both the best quality food coming from known suppliers and sheep wool bags to insulate the food during the delivery.


Services like this have two advantages: flexibility, they deliver the meals whenever and wherever the customer wants, and sustainability, meals are prepared after the order is made so there is no food waste. Meal delivery companies will surely have a bright future, but what will happen to our cooking habits? We are able to find time to do other stuff if we really want to; why can we not find time to cook if we care about being healthy and eating clean?

Home delivery solutions are popular and it’s ok to order meals sometimes, we just need to pay attention not to let it become a habit. Try to find time to cook and enjoy the process, use it to spend time with family and friends and make it fun! Home cooking is important. It is satisfying and helps you acquire curiosity and creativity. Home cooking also makes you enjoy the actual meal more since you put effort into preparation. Last but not least home cooking beats all the alternatives when it comes to saving money.



Lucia – 22-08-2017


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