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In modern day society we get to know more and more what is healthy to eat and drink. As a consequence diets become more complex than ever. Although all the different food labels with many ingredients make it hard to keep up the nutrition intake. Many of us, especially the ones with food restrictions do not have a good overview of their actual nutrition intake. That is why the interactive food label Sage caught our attention.


This nutrition label, Sage, is made in to show the honest and real story behind the products and more important what your body gets out of it. It shows which parts of the body it is good for how much time you will need to exercise to burn the mount of calories. One of the features that makes it extra interesting is that it is personalized for you. Do you have a special diet? It shows the products that are interesting and healthy for you personally.

The foods have “badges”, like heart healthy, vitamin hero, healthy snack attack, straight from the Earth and low sodium All-star.


So could this online food label help people for example to get more insights in their sodium intake and maybe even lower it?

The interesting thing about Sage it tries to get to know you, your tastes, and your restrictions. Using Sage you will be able to have a more healthy alternatives for your favourite foods and keep up with example your sodium intake. It makes the user more aware about their sodium intake so it could be a first step. But to actually change behaviour for the longer term you need more than this interactive food label to assist you in the actual behaviour change.

Anyhow, as modern diets become increasingly complex, it’s a good tool to provide more insights to the nutrition we’re getting and become more aware about our food.


12-05-2016 Dasha

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