Kitchen Innovations

This video by Qubimaxima shows some interesting new kitchen innovations. The Meld for example, a new automated knob that makes small adjustments to your stove’s temperature to ensure your food is cooked properly. A similar product with a slightly different angle is the Pantelligent, a smart pan that helps you control the temperature and tells you when to turn the food. And Maid, a smart microwave oven that guides you through recipes and automatically cooks the meal based on the serving size.

These innovative products try to help the user cook meals more successfully. They support the learning process which can motivate us to keep cooking. This is great, since cooking meals from scratch is very important. However, letting technology take over certain things completely will only distance us from the process and experience. Technology already allows us to buy ingredients pre-cleaned and pre-cut. Imagine buying pre-cut vegetable and meat, pouring over some spices and putting it into the Maid, does this qualify as cooking? Doesn’t it feel better to be in touch with ingredients, stimulate the senses and learn by doing, even if it means failing once or twice?


26-04-2016 Sander

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