Onmi originates from a master’s graduation project and an ongoing PhD work at Eindhoven University of Technology. The goal of the founders’ work was to design for healthy lifestyle and to bridge the gap between research and reality. This is why Onmi was created.

Our team has consisted of young professionals from different disciplines and nationalities. The various backgrounds allowed us to approach problems from different perspectives and create original solutions. Most of our colleagues have moved onto new jobs, but we like to keep them included here to give credit where credit is due.

Idowu is the brain of the organisation. He combines creativity and analytics to create rich personalised solutions. Idowu started his design journey in his home country Nigeria and later moved to the Netherlands to complete degrees in intelligent design/ service development. Idowu has founded Onmi to take his valuable work to the market so it actually impacts people’s lives.



Sander is a creative conceptual designer who is always thinking of new value propositions. As one of the founders of Onmi, Sander is always looking for new opportunities, projects and people to work with.



Daniel is a skilled hands-on product designer. Daniel is a natural problem solver experienced in building interactive products that pursue social change. With his background in design engineering, Daniel helped us turn concepts into products.


Industrial Designer

Luigi is a talented biomedical engineer who combines analytical skills with a creative attitude. His main career focus is data analysis and while he worked at Onmi his job was to extract meaningful behavioural information from various data sources.


Data Analyst

Veerle is a passionate data scientist with a background in neuroscience, biology and psychology. She is interested in behavioural change, and hopes her work will have a positive influence on society. At Onmi she worked on behavioural analysis through wearable sensor data.


Data Analyst

Robin is a young and talented software developer, he studies ICT and software engineering. At Onmi he and supported the development of cloud-based services and smartphone applications.


Software Developer

Lucia is an Italian student of Business Organisation and Strategy who joined Onmi for a summer internship. She helped us with business planning and market analysis.


Business Strategist

Simone is a passionate engineer. At Onmi he worked on the development of COOKiT and FLUiT. He focussed on durability, stress testing, material analysis and general product development.


Mechanical Engineer