The Future of Cookingsoylent 2.0

The future of cooking

How will the people of the future cook? Will robots become part of our family and will they cook for us? Will we even eat cooked food?

Rob Rhinehart works towards the latter. He is the inventor of Soylent 2.0, a bottled meal that covers all the nutritional requirements for an average adult. The idea is simple, with our busy everyday lives, who has time to cook and enjoy a good meal? Instead, grab the bottle, open the cap and just drink those 500 Kcal your body needs to keep going. As their catchphrase reads:

“Use less. Do more”.

Cooking is fun!

Do more, but isn’t cooking your own meal “more”? We are constantly being told that cooking is a tedious, time-wasting, challenging process. That we should use our time having fun and letting machines or the industry do it for us. Well, I couldn’t agree less. I enjoy cooking, I think it’s fun and rewarding, and that you can make many good meals that take no time to prepare. Learning to cook is a process that will take time but is worth the effort. As a designer, I think we should not dissuade people from cooking. Instead we should encourage and help people to try such a joyful, sensory and rewarding experience. An experience that can never be replaced by robots or drinkable meals.


Daniel, 29-04-2016

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